We have 8 groups accommodating these differing age groups as follows:


Our BEAR NURSERY – The Bears - 3 months – about 12 months or until they are walking and are ready to join the others

The Bees              – 12months – 2years.             (2014/2015)

The Ladybugs     – 2years turning  3years      (2013)

The butterflies    - 3years  turning 4 years.          (2012)

The Caterpillars  – 3 years turning 4 years     (2012)

The Snails            – 4years turning 5 Years. This is Grade RR (2011)

The Grasshoppers – 4 years turning 5 years. This is Grade RR       (2011)

The Dragonflies  – Grade R – 5 years turning 6.   (2010)


Our babies are kept separate most of the day and the older children are not to go into the nursery. The babies get to play outside when the older children are in class and when the older children have their afternoon nap.


DALIY PROGRAM                                                                                            

07h15 - 08h30             Arrival and play                                                          

08h20 - 09h15             Registration and porridge / Story / Counting / Singing / fine motor skills                              

09h15 -10h00              Outside play/ Trampoline./ Fantasy / Paint / Play-dough etc./          

10h15 -10h30              Fruit and juice                                    

10h30 - 11h15             Activity time in class

11h15 - 12h00             Story and song/rhyme time/ Music               

12h15  - 12h30           Big Hand wash                                                                                                           

12h30 - 13h00             Lunch                                                             

13h00 - 14h30             Nap time

14h30 - 15h30             we change all the children, get them all cleaned up J

15h30 - 16h30             Sandwich, juice and story time

17h15                          School gates close                             


Breakfast is served at school, its mielie meal with sugar and butter. At 10:15 all children will be served a nice fruit (whichever fruit is in season at the time) with a nice cup of juice. Lunch is a cooked meal with vegetables, rice/spaghetti/macaroni/pap and tuna/chicken/mince/chicken Vienna’s. No child leaves Little Rascals with an empty stomach, whether they go home at 13h30 or at 17h00, all children get food. 15h30 is sandwich time, brown bread and jam as well as some nice juice. Clean drinking water is always available throughout the day.


Please feel free to contact me any time with any queries; it is absolutely vital that all Parents have my number on speed dial; I am always here for you, always ready to listen. I believe in an open path of communication. Please don’t stress about anything, rather come and talk to me, Aunty Leighan will always be right here, as I know and love every grain of sand in this sandpit, every brick in these walls, it is my everything and therefore my whole life and every fibre of my being is committed to this school and your beautiful children.