DALIY PROGRAM                                                                                            

06h45 - 08h30             Arrival and play                                                          

08h20 - 09h15             Registration and porridge / Story / Counting / Singing / fine motor skills                              

09h15 -10h00              Outside play/ Trampoline./ Fantasy / Paint / Play-dough etc./          

10h15 -10h30              Fruit and juice                                    

10h30 - 11h15             Activity time in class

11h15 - 12h00             Story and song/rhyme time/ Music               

12h15  - 12h30           Big Hand wash                                                                                                           

12h30 - 13h00             Lunch                                                             

13h00 - 14h15             Nap time

14h15 - 15h30             Children are changed and prepared for collection

15h30 - 16h30             Sandwich, juice and story time

17h15                          School gates close                             


For a complete list of meals please see our Nutrition Policy