Your child is unique in so many ways. Your child has a unique way of thinking, interacting and feeling. We will embrace your child’s uniqueness and we will celebrate it. We will help your child make choices and praise them for their positive traits. We will encourage your child to be true to themselves.

Our aim is to develop confident, independent and happy children. We are able to do this by introducing each child to the joy of learning in a stimulating, loving, and carefully prepared environment. Each child is able to work with the specialized learning materials at his own pace according to his own skills and needs. Each child is taught individually with the materials, therefore, meeting the child’s individual needs. The children learn that school can be an unending adventure, one that inspires a lifetime of discovery. The school is here to nurture your child and to help you with the important work of guiding your child’s intellectual, emotional and physical development. We are with your child every step of the way, always supporting them, encouraging, loving them and praising them. When your child walks through our school gates in the morning they must feel like this is their second home, they should feel safe, free to express themselves, loved, free to experiment with their emotions, our learning equipment and whatever else they wish to try. We don’t judge children or try to make them something they are not. We love them for who they are. We encourage them to learn good values and manners as it is very important to us. We always teach them manners as I feel this is something that is really lacking in our world today. There is nothing more beautiful than a child with good manners. This is an English medium school so we always encourage our children to speak English when they are school. We concentrate on grammar as well as pronunciation. We have had so many children join us who couldn’t speak or understand a word of English. But, after just a few weeks they are speaking fluently. We really encourage some extra English at home.


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" 

'Nelson Mandela'